Abstract Submissions

Abstract submission for the 2019 Footwear Biomechanics Symposium is processed through the Footwear Science portal with the Taylor and Francis journal website. Abstracts will be peer reviewed and accepted papers will be published within a special issue of Footwear Science in August 2019. The deadline for abstract submissions will be February 15, 2019. THERE WILL BE NO EXTENSIONS!!!

Step-by-step instructions for preparing your abstract for submission is included in the attached documents and listed below. Please download the sample submission documents, available in both word (.docx) and PDF file formats to ensure proper formatting of your abstract. For abstract submissions please note that you will need to submit TWO seperate copies of your abstract: i) a complete PDF version with title, authors, figures, tables, etc. which needs to be emailed to the editors as a pdf, and ii) an electronic submission through the Footwear Science portal. 

Sample submission documents:

Submission Checklist

FBS 2019 Abstract Sample [.docx]

FBS 2019 Abstract Sample [.pdf]

FBS 2019 Abstract Sample - Footwear Science [.docx]

FBS 2019 Abstract Sample - Footwear Science [.pdf]



Preparing abstracts for the Footwear Biomechanics Symposium FBS’19

NB: Submissions open 15 Dec 2018 and close 15 Feb 2019


You will need to prepare and submit two separate copies of your abstract:

  1. One will be a complete PDF version with title, authors, figures, tables etc. This will be emailed to the editors (fs@exeter-research.com) as a pdf.
  2. You will also submit a copy of the contents in steps using the electronic submission process for Footwear Science.

We begin now to explain how to prepare and submit version A: the complete pdf version.

1) Refer to one of the templates, provided above

(e.g., Sample-FW2019.docx or, Sample-FW2019.pdf)

These are all different filetypes of the same document. NB: For now, ignore the sample file “Sample-FW2019_Blinded_online_submission.docx”. That will be useful further on during the electronic submission process for the second, “B” version.

2) Use the sample document and substitute your own text in Times New Roman 12 point as shown in the sample documents, keeping the format of the sample document.

3) The number of characters must be less than 4000 (without spaces) for the main document text, including the references as well as the table and figure legends. Check the number of characters with your word processing program.

4) Include your graphs and tables in the document as shown in the sample document. Do NOT use color. Use only black and white or grey shading for your graphs and pictures.

5) You may use up to 2 tabular or graphical items in the abstract: 2 graphs (pictures), or, 2 tables, or, 1 graph and 1 table. Again, only two or less and no color.

6) Make sure that your final document has a length of less than 2 pages!!!

7) Create a pdf-file from your Word document with a size of less than 1 Mb, identify it with the last name of the first author, followed by the date (YYMMDD), for example, Smith190117.pdf, and send it to the following e-mail: mailto:fs@exeter-research.com


B Version- Now you start the electronic submission process by going to the Taylor & Francis submission home page: http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com:80/tfws

1) If you have not been a Footwear Science author or reviewer before, you will have to create a new account.

2) Once you have a User ID and Password, you log in and click on “Author“, where you will select "Start New Submission“ in the upper left hand part of the page. Then click on the "Begin Submission" link to the right.

3) In the first field of entry, select the manuscript type "Proceedings Abstracts FBS19. This is critical to make sure your submission is processed efficiently.

4) Enter the title of your submission. Save & Continue following through the file upload and the various steps required. When you fill out the information for author and coauthors, pay careful attention to these entries, because they will define the order of authors and affiliations in the published abstract. This determines the published author listing, not any other listing of authors you may submit.

5) You do not have to include a cover letter but answer all items which have a req (red star) label. Include the number of figures and tables (color figures are not allowed). Check the number of characters with your word processing program. Must be < 4000.

6) To create the “main document” for your file upload, make a copy of the original word document used for version A, and, using this copy of your original word “A” document remove the title and author section, the figures and tables as well as their legends. This creates an anonymous document leaving all your main text. NB: there is no separate “abstract” required for proceedings abstract submissions.

7) Footwear Science requires complete reference citations in the References section, just as you would include with a full article submission. Do not use truncated author lists, or improperly abbreviated references. See Author Instructions for reference requirements.

8) Identify in this main document where any figures and tables should be “ => here figure 1”, etc. A sample file on this webpage (Sample-FW2019_Blinded_online_submission.docx) shows how your main document should look for the electronic submission process. Upload your main document to the Taylor & Francis/ Scholar One submission site (See their Step 2).

9) Do the same with your graphs, pictures (black & white or grey) and tables.

10) Finally, you must review your assembled document and submit it.

11) FYI: You can stop this electronic submission process any time and resume where you left off. All graphs, figures, and the main document can also be deleted or replaced at any time, until you finally confirm your submission.


NB: Submitting an abstract does not mean you have registered for the symposium.


Please note that NO changes can be accepted after submission. Make sure your submitted abstract is exactly as you would want it published, if it were to be accepted. If your abstract is accepted, it will be sent to the publishers as submitted. You will not see proofs, and you will not have a chance to make any changes. Therefore, make 100% sure it is exactly as you would like it when submitted.







Remember to double check that your abstract is submitted in its final form. If accepted you will NOT have an opportunity to revise it or to review proofs. It will go to press exactly as you submitted it at this stage.